Want to find a new gig as a freelancer? Let Cruto be the way in.

Why Cruto?


Get started with your job search in < 1min. Download our user friendly app and jump right into it!


It’s time to rethink recruitment. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate old school - but not at the expense of people and valuable time.


The app finds jobs that are best suited for you based on your preferences and competencies in order to increase your chances

How does it work?

Finding the right job as a consultant can be difficult and time consuming. With many intermediaries, your hourly rate also decreases, sometimes completely unnecessarily.

We have created Cruto to help you as a consultant to find the right assignment in a simple and neat way. We strive to have as few middlemen as possible in our platform so that you get the largest part of the cake, if not the whole.

Benefits of Cruto

  • Get in touch with a direct customer
  • The consultant's hourly rate is not depressed by the margin of unnecessary intermediaries
  • Flexible and easy to find assignments based on the skill set
  • Created by tech developers and entrepreneurs

Check out our available consulting assignments and apply to those you are interested in. Can't find anything that fits? Email us at cruto@hello.io and we can look for you according to your preferences.

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