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Why Cruto?

Stop wasting time on reading CV´s

Many middlemen contribute to unnecessarily high hourly rates and it is the consultant and the customer who have to pay for it. Talk to the consultant directly instead through Cruto!

It is not easy to find the right one, but your right to find the right one

It is not always easy to find the right consultant with experience in the right tech stack. Save your resources and make the purchase of consultants more efficient with the help of Cruto.

Save your money

All the value lies in having satisfied consultants and clients like you. Therefore, all our focus is on you finding the right consultant for the assignment.

Find your consultants efficiently and easily with the help of Cruto

Finding the right skills in IT, especially software development, is today difficult, time consuming and expensive. Getting in touch with the right consultant directly, without unnecessary intermediaries that (unnecessarily) raise the hourly rate is even more difficult - that's why the idea of ​​Cruto was born.

Cruto is not a consulting broker but an independent platform that matches consultants with clients. Like the digital stock exchange trading where you can easily find and buy shares, we have created a service for companies looking for consultants - you can call it a consulting exchange.

By advertising your consulting needs in Cruto, you thus get access to our consulting pool where our ambition is to be able to present you with the right consultant.

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Email the desired role, tech stack, availability and hourly rate to and we will get back to you with suggestions for layout. Maybe some profile below can fit?